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The Vegas rooming list was no trouble for most celebrities at the house, some don’t even care who they managed to get paired up with. But minutes after the details had been posted, a pop icon lashed out against them. Canadian Justin Bieber showed his disapproval for not only his room mate, but most importantly his wife’s room mate. Kendall Jenner, who married Bieber this June, had been paired with a celebrity who had been spending months trying to break up her relationship, Logan Lerman. The Percy Jackson star, who is known greatly for his alcohol consumption even made the situation worse by stating that he couldn’t promise Bieber that he wouldn’t try anything on his wife if he was drunk. Bieber, obviously, did not take this very well. Lerman had just recently teamed up with Bieber, in an effort to chase off Wesley Stromberg who had been going after both Jenner sisters. (Stromberg and Bieber will be sharing a room this September 2nd.) We will definitely be giving update as soon as the Vegas trip begins of these three.

One Direction couple falling to pieces? Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, both well known for their band One Direction came very close to calling their marriage quits just hours before. The two, who have been having marriage troubles, created another argument over the Vegas rooming situation. The two, who have twin girls together, have been seen getting into multiple arguments recently. Tomlinson’s suicide scare did not seem to stop this issue. Styles, who seemed displeased with Tomlinson’s room mate and best friend Troian Bellisario and Tomlinson who was angered by Styles’ room mate Ariana Grande, began a spat over the pairings. Tomlinson threw down the divorce settlement option, for the second time. Second? Really? Styles refused to sign the papers, and the two seem to have worked things out.  However, if the drama has come before the Vegas trip, we can’t imagine how bad it will get when the trip begins.

 Looks like Kris Jenner needs to keep a watchful eye out for her youngest child, Kylie Jenner. The 16 year old’s health has been fading, and many sources believe an eating disorder may be the cause. Jenner has made hints to support this theory, such as feel as though she may throw up, her use of pills and so on. All hints point to one thing; Jenner wants to lose weight. Hollywood has a sad effect on teenagers, doesn’t it?

Since it was the only message we got about them, writing an article may benefit them. Kristen Stewart and Evan Peters have a thing. Thought the two are rarely seen, both seem to have come together into a relationship. Stewart, whose public relation ship with Robert Pattinson backfired, along with a relationship with Taylor Lautner, seems to have gone after one of the more unstable celebrities of the house. Best of luck.

Will Louis Tomlinson ever rest? The One Direction star proves again today why husband and band mate Harry Styles should be worried about his actions. Tomlinson, who was rumoured to have had a suicide scare just recently was seen flirting it up with Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario. This flirting has been going on for months, and the two even jetted off to Greece just after Bellisario married on screen love Keegan Allen. The two, known as their ship name Trouis have denied any secret fling between them, but it’s not clear whether they could be lying to keep their spouses off their backs. We do know that even Tomlinson, being the flirt he is, becomes overly possessive and jealous when Styles “flirts” with other woman. Sparking lots of controversy for the couple.

 Britt Robertson strikes again! Is a turn of the worst, we now have knowledge that only only has she slept with Colton Haynes, but has done it behind the back of Crystal Reed. Reed, actress for Teen Wolf with Haynes, is also known for her trouble with relationships. As as she went after her former costar, Robertson pulled the boy from Reed’s grasp. Is there a catfight in the works between these two girls? And is there no end to the trouble Robertson stirs up? We may never know.

Fill us in.

Is there hope for former couple Zayn Malik and Shay Mitchell? The couple, who were reported to have broken up very recently have been seen flirting with each other, even if Malik is currently dating bandmate Liam Payne. Mitchell and Malik’s chemistry was undeniable, and rumors of them working out their differences and being together again sparked at the TCA’s, held at the start of the month. Updates are to come as the story continues.

After moving on from Britt Robertson, Dylan O’Brien has been raising a few eyebrows on his flings. Especially his flirting with Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman. Lerman, even with his borderline obsession with recently married model Kendall Jenner, has been caught on numerous occasions flirting up the actor. Currently, O’Brien is believed to be dating Lerman’s costar Alexandra Daddario but many stars and starlets would agree in saying there might be something romantic about Lerman and O’Brien’s playful friendship.